Tweets from 2008-12-09

  • @tbeckett Yes, the birthing center rocks. We’re so lucky to have it here – just one mile from my home! in reply to tbeckett #
  • @rachelannyes Thanks. I’m curious, too. Can’t wait to meet him or her. 🙂 in reply to rachelannyes #
  • @webb Actually, that seems a relatively humane approach compared to alternatives. Sadly, logic does not appear to work on ants. in reply to webb #
  • @shauenv Howdy, Shauen! in reply to shauenv #
  • @mattcompton Can I just say that is *exactly* what is wrong with UNC basketball this year. Everyone hates us & the games are boring. #
  • Don’t hate us ’cause we’re beautiful (and play amazing basketball), y’all! But still, I’d like a little drama… a reason to watch. #
  • Retweeting @jayrosen_nyu: Silly amateurs thinkin’ they can journalize. Connoisseurs of condescension, enjoy this: #
  • @davechen One can hope. UNC women’s basketball hasn’t lost yet, but at least those games are competitive. None were on TV, few on radio. in reply to davechen #
  • Retweeting @Jerimee: MoveOn is hiring – #
  • The suprise of Gov. Blagojevich’s arrest is that it was for selling Obama’s vacated Senate seat! Out of ALL the corrupt things he’s done… #
  • @xarker If you ever want music suggestions from me, just go to in reply to xarker #
  • @shauenv Uh oh. Keep it simple & back up often… in reply to shauenv #
  • Congrats! You deserve it. I just hope you use your powers for good… Retweeting @zephoria: OMG. I have a PhD. omg omg omg #
  • Just learned that some of my colleagues e-mail’s were tapped by the Colombian government! More info to come… #
  • @jacksonfox That colleague uses A great org, but I would really like us to be on one host. in reply to jacksonfox #
  • @jacksonfox But to be fair, a BUNCH of activists were tapped on a variety of providers, I think. in reply to jacksonfox #
  • @sarahfelicity You apparently have never enjoyed chocolate first thing in the morning. My favorite time for it. in reply to sarahfelicity #
  • Nothing like an all-staff meeting with no written agenda to sap one’s energy and motivation… #
  • Ow. I think I just inhaled clementine juice. 🙁 May need to lay off the citrus smack for a while. #
  • @davidb Baby steps… in reply to davidb #
  • @monicarolevans At my home office we’re serving clementines for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 😉 Doubt they got anything at HQ. in reply to monicarolevans #
  • @pearlbear @kanter @suzboop What is the point with these “Twitter Groups?” in reply to pearlbear #
  • Can I get a w00t? Retweeting @davidb: IKEA Charlotte opening Feb 18, 2009 #
  • @holdie1 Err, what’s with that logo? It took me a while to puzzle it out. Wasn’t expecting sexy lip gloss mouth as the icon of Fem 2.0. in reply to holdie1 #
  • Feeling craptacular and cannot deal with having a cold while being pregnant. Good night. #

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