Tweets from 2008-12-10

  • Breathing. #
  • Note to Sears: when you sell me delivery in 48 hrs, yr contractor can’t take a week to do it. #
  • I’m making sure to call everyone @ Sears before I’ve had caffeine or food so they can feel my full pregnant wrath. #
  • @RobCottingham Have you considered MythTV? It marks and skips commercials automagically, among many other wonderful features. in reply to RobCottingham #
  • @DailyBuddhism Actually Buddhists do have December holidays, they’re not dedicated to consumerism and Christianized Pagan rituals. in reply to DailyBuddhism #
  • @RDCH Don’t think I can make the blogger meetup today (getting a cold), but will keep it in mind. (Need more notice next time, @BoraZ.) in reply to RDCH #
  • Retweeting @dcm: ooops! – Jesse Jackson Jr. is “Senate Candidate 5” – the one offering Blogojevich $1mil: #
  • I am now individually IM-ing with 3 of the 7 people on this confernce call. PTL for backchannels! #
  • Pregnancy is very educational. This week I learned what a pubic symphesis is and why mine hurts. #
  • Jon Stewart nailed it last night: “Religion is much more of a choice than homosexuality.” Go stuff your bible, Huckabee. #

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