Tweets from 2008-12-08

  • Compiling some links for a basic intro to online organizing for a colleague. My resources are getting stale. Suggestions? #nptech #
  • Lordy lordy, @Ayse’s… having a birthday today! Hope your day is awesome in every way. #
  • Retweeting @FORpeace: Retweeting @khorshid: Iranian blogger Hossein Derakhshan (Hoder) is really arrested #
  • Running critically low on clementines. Have to hit the store again later. #
  • Retweeting @underthedome: Female Firsts in NC: Gov-elect Bev Perdue will be the state’s first female governor… #
  • @xarker Not everyone wants to broadcast their tweets (tho apparently I do). Ever had invasive family members or childish political enemies? in reply to xarker #
  • @johnjoseph Try Brian Eno, that usually gets some good results. in reply to johnjoseph #
  • Just blogged: Online organizing quickie: I recently needed to collect some links about online organ.. #
  • Retweeting @MyNC: David Byrne spotted lunching at Raleigh Times. @MyNC & @NBC17 dynamic duo of @jseaton and @kstep17 dispatched. #
  • @pattychasevan I am super jealous of you and everyone else seeing David Byrne tonight! Hope your seats are great. I expect a full report. in reply to pattychasevan #
  • Once I start wireframing, it’s hard to stop. Plus OmniGraffle makes me look so smart. #
  • @Katrinskaya Yikes. Be careful, woman. in reply to Katrinskaya #
  • Retweeting @skeskali: New blog post: Blackbird: I was not waiting for this moment to arise #
  • @MarkChilton If you actually ever *used* Twiter you’d have even more folowers! 😉 in reply to MarkChilton #
  • Yay! @BrianR brought me TWO crates of clementines. Double the luv. #
  • @cwhittle Congrats! I’m not surprised. in reply to cwhittle #
  • Currently watching Woody Allen play the clarinet and analyze himself on the Dick Cavett show in 1970-something. Quite a document. #
  • Reading ’bout gentle birthing. #

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