Tweets from 2008-04-15

  • How is it I can go to bed and my web site is working, but when I wake up it’s totally broken? I’m back to the dread "User account 3" error. #
  • Something about roles or permission is totally borked. Any drupal pros out there have a clue? #
  • @lishevita I think if you look at, you’ll see the problem. #
  • @ahynes1 The problem is on almost every page, not just the front. Even admin pages go to "User account 3." #
  • @martin_kelley Congrats on your O’Reilly article! It looks really interetsing. For others: #
  • @arsepoetica Don’t worry, he’s just listening to more Talking Heads. I’m going to start tweeting B-52’s lyrics if he doesn’t stop. 😉 #
  • Thanks to @vauxia and the crew at AdvatangeLabs for bringing back to life! #
  • Thanks, @BetsyMuse. It’s fixed, but I still don’t know what was wrong. #
  • @tbeckett This ain’t no fooling around! #
  • @webb Most valuable activity at #net2 is getting to meet the other people there. I suggest small group discussions. #
  • @abbyladybug Sounds like a good time for a Lord of Rings marathon. Let me know if you want to borrow DVDs. 🙂 #
  • @FORpeace asks "Anyone else’s parents active in the civil rights movement?" Mine weren’t, but my grandma was! #
  • Trying real hard to #GSDby5 so I can go out with @dbarger & @arsepoetica, but it’s an uphill battle… #
  • You wouldn’t think Twitter could *increase* mindfulness. But maybe… #
  • @dbarger OMG, it’s like someone made that pastry just fer you! The cute little chef "Eddie" is a nice touch. #
  • @rosevines I vote for WordPress because it’s opens ource and the community of users & developers it seems larger and more supportive. #
  • More proof that the Democratic primary battle is good for democracy (& good for NC): (via @nprnewsblog) #
  • @dweinberger Send my love to Doc. Glad to hear he’s doing better. #
  • @juliakm it depends on what the NP wants to do, but there are many uses. Check out app, causes app, pages w/ events, photos, etc #
  • Ha! "Unmarried women are to progressives what evangelicals were to conservatives in 2004." #
  • @fmedlin Good eye! You should tell @nprnewsblog. #
  • @gregoryheller I think there are lots of tax resisting events today. Many are small local vigils. #

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