Tweets from 2008-04-14

  • @blogdiva Yes, I want to know. What the fuck is a FOCK? #
  • Started a Twitter account for the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Please follow @FORpeace for updates on our work for a world w/o violence. #
  • @tbeckett Typical. 😛 #
  • @BrianR Actually FOR is over *90* years old! We were radical and anti-war before it was cool to be… 😉 #
  • @hc Wow, congrats to BlogAds for securing (easily my fave national politics blog) as a customer. That’s huge. #
  • It’s hard not to be bitter these days. #
  • @martin_kelley haven’t used it, but people like Or just use the Goog, eg: #
  • Anyone else have trouble with Adium connecting to Gtalk lately. #
  • @abbyladybug oh shit! I have had that breakup experience, so it’s probably the best for you. But still… Shit, you just started that job! #
  • @Hillsborough Wild guess: Burlington? (Trivia by Twitter, great idea!) #
  • Checking out ZOHO Projects. #
  • Updating NeoOffice on my Mac. Why does anyone use MS Office when this superior software is available for free? #
  • Avatars respond to Jon Stewart’s teasing: (I didn’t help, but my work is in some of the shots.) #
  • @dbarger Gosh, you mean stale grease isn’t good for you? Whoudathunkit! #
  • Watching the Chapel Hill Town Council hassle OWASA (our water utility) about loosening water use restrictions too much. #orangepolitics #

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