Tweets from 2008-04-16

  • Glad to see that Facebook users are much more interested in peace than in war. #
  • @gregoryheller Even if they don’t think of "peace" the way I do, it’s positive linguistically/cognitively. #
  • @juliakm I’ve used OpenOffice (actually NeoOffice) to access DOC, XLS, & PPT files without translation. Is this some special kind of file? #
  • @juliakm Oh. Well then I dunno. F-ing Microsoft. 🙁 #
  • I’m sorry, but I don’t think having a dozen windows or tabs open at once is too much to ask of my browser. #Firefox disagrees. #
  • "Welcome to Facebook Chat" WTF!?!? Do not want. #
  • @Hillsborough Another day, another guess: Margaret & Queen? #
  • Supreme court rejects legal challenge to lethal injection. Boo. #
  • @tbeckett No, it’s not supposed to be painful. That’s considered "inhumane." It is supposed to be a deterrent, but it’s not that either. #
  • @jreesnc If you read OP, you’d know that you don’t have to be affiliated to vote in the primary #
  • @blogdiva Are you seriously unaware of the Cult of Getting Things Done? I practivc my own version, aka GSD. (I get shit done.) #
  • This is really cool: Thanks for the link @webb! #
  • @blogdiva thanks. is really neat, if badly named. #
  • block barackobama4 #
  • @tarheelcoxn I <3 Amarok! WIsh they made it for Mac. One day… #
  • @pearlbear I only usa Amarok on my #Eee so far, so no. I buy my DRM-free MP3s from Amazon. Do you recommend Magnatune? #
  • Does anyone use Crabgrass for groupware/projects? (eg: I want to, but it seems pretty buggy. #
  • @kanter Thanks! is just what #Twitter needed! (Along with #
  • OK, I’ve been left with no choice. Let the bad-mouthing of begin. more to come… #mythtv #
  • To clarify: #MythTV is awesome. MonolithmC is NOT awesome. Took our money, sent defective box, won’t replace, minimal support, no refund. #
  • @abbyladybug Good luck with the surgery tomorrow. I’m sure you’ll feel better after it heals! #
  • Just ate a Syrian candy bar named Ruby. Like Kit Kat but with my name on it. ‘Twas good. #
  • Gonna geek out on Drupal Views tonight and maybe watch the debate if I get enough done. #

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