Tweets from 2008-04-09

  • @smalljones @dcm OK, you guys, that’s just about enough… #kinks #lyrics #overtweet #
  • @professorkim Thanks for the recommendation for Conscious. Tagging it at @ now. #
  • Oy. I hate having to be the heavy supervisor. Urgh. #
  • I think I need more Bjork in my life. #
  • Glad that the Olympic Torch is meeting resistance in San Fran. Seeking updates on Other good sources? #
  • Uh… there are hundreds of caterpillars swarming around our porch. Should I be concerned? I think they’re plotting against us. 😉 #
  • Info from @Katrinskaya: See and follow @sftorch for updates (hopefully). #
  • Trying to find the balance between ensuring fair compensation & just complaining about my pay. Either way, making < my age is LAME. #
  • @firestar9s Exactly. I seem to swing between bitch and doormat – need a happy medium! #
  • Oops. Just broke my #drupal site by putting bad #PHP in a block. How do I undo? Help? @Bmadder or anyone…? #
  • @vauxia & @bmadder, thanks! #
  • Tech support by Twitter rocks. Thank you, #drupal community! #
  • Getting lotsa updates on the ongoing Olympic Torch protest from @sftorch now. #
  • Tried to watch live video at but it’s too choppy, like a cell phone cutting in and out. Feh. #sftorch #
  • @msfour Well, assuming I had no friends to leave, lots of money, & didn’t care abt weather… #
  • @msfour New Orleans, London, Brooklyn, Minneapolis, Austin, Vancouver, Portland, somewhere in Mexico… #
  • Social media tipping point: there is so much micro-coverage of the SF protests that the media will have less leeway to get it wrong. #
  • @msfour as I do care about weather I choose to live here in NC. 🙂 #
  • @gregoryheller See @sftorch to start with. #
  • O crap. I got nothing done on this dang budget today and it’s not going away… #notGSD #
  • @acarvin Do you think the lost opportunity to those torch runners is equal to the human rights of people in China, TIbet, Burma, and Darfur? #
  • Hey Berkman, could we please get a little more warning on the deadlines for yr cool awards? Nominations due Friday! #
  • @ericagee I probably got the e-mail but I pay more attention to Twitter! 😉 #

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