Tweets from 2008-04-08

  • @agenthandy My advice: you have no obligation to publish other people’s stuff on your site, especially when they’re disruptive. #
  • @NurtureGirl Have you tried @RTM? You can tweet tasks to it… #
  • About 1/2-way through entering local 2008 candidates. Watch me go: Next: magic with Views… #
  • @agenthandy Depends a lot on the context. personal blog or community site, etc? It’s cool to go private if it’s your personal stuff. #
  • I’m glad #Kansas won. It makes me feel better about #UNC losing to them. Although I am still not at peace about that game. It weren’t right. #
  • Hey nonprofit folks, rate your CMS! #nptech #nten #
  • @rachelannyes What a jerk! Glad he’s your EX, anyway. Yuck. #
  • @rikomatic Does it need to be someone in NYC? You might find some leads here: #drupal #
  • Hey @noneck, @rikomatic is looking for a #drupal dev to do a #nonprofit site. Y’all should talk… #
  • @mediajunkie #
  • Mmm, my wonderful partner brought me a tasty sammich for lucnh. Yay! #
  • The f-ed up thing is that @Chuckumentary made this media parody 4 years ago, & they’re still this clueless. #
  • Seth Godin: Firefox users are more likely to use [social] power tools online. via @abbyladybug #
  • @edobejar Hola de Carolina del Norte! Me gusta Twitter. #
  • @BrianR I like the idea that every tweet is talking to the essence of the Universe… whatever we think that is. #

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