Tweets from 2008-04-07

  • Saw the Audience Choice winner at Full Frame Doc Film Fest and hated it. Perhaps there’s something wrong w/me, but… well, tough. #
  • @blogdiva, I’m with you: Bobby Flay is an arrogant idiot. I always change the channel if he’s on, even if it’s a show I like. #
  • Ug, didn’t get much done on election pages this weekend. Nor bills, cleaning etc. Gonna be a hectic week… #notGSD #
  • Oooh, just learned that Charton Heston died. He had a good run. Think they have guns in Hell? #
  • Did you you know that 17.5 yr olds can vote in the NC primary? #orangepolitics #
  • Listening to muxtapes to avoid memory-hog iTunes. Suggestions? #
  • Sorry the correct Heston joke should have been –> You can go ahead and pry the gun from his cold hands now. We regret the error. #
  • @CPeterC, thanks I’ll add that to the queue. 😉 #
  • Um, @08NTC, I think yr getting spammed. #
  • @pearlbear JINX! 😀 #
  • Not only is our blog down, doesn’t even work now. This is getting ridiculous. #
  • Enjoying Just wish muxtape could talk to… #
  • @karitas thanks! I’ve queued those up in my ‘favorites.’ #
  • @bmadder You already own the songs you post, and others can’t do anything but play them on-demand via the web. Don’t see a legal problem. #
  • @edobejar Possiblemente es porque no queremos ser como una Barbie. #
  • With our hosted blog and completely down, do you think they would have some info about this on Nope. #
  • @ntenhross Si, necesito practicar tambien. Debes leer @edobejar para nptech en español. 😉 #
  • ¡Mchisimas gracias, @edobejar! #
  • OMG, best muxtape of the day: #
  • @skeskali I know the feeling. How did I get married at all? Even my friends were surprised. #
  • Thanks for bringing our site back after a 3+ hour outage, @bryght. This was one of the top 5 most important times for people visiting us. #
  • We had 3x more traffic to our blog than normal last week, b/c of the King anniversary. Not a good time for flaky servers! Grrr. #
  • @arsepoetica Uhm… well… I’ve had less productive days. Meetings soon, then more work. (Thx for the peer pressure.) #GSD #
  • @arsepoetica Actually I’m gonna start doing election info data entry at 5. 🙁 #orangepolitics #
  • Just found out we’ve been paying $800/mo for a service that was supposed to be $480. I’m looking at you #getactive. #
  • @Mlsif Are you looking at state and local or just federal gov’t? #

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