Tweets from 2008-04-02

  • Just got home from dinner with the girlfriends. Now working on the #OrangePolitics election info page. Need some drupal mojo tonight. #
  • "North Carolina has A LOT of activity…a coworking space in progress, an awesome BarCamp community and kickass local sites." Thx @misrogue! #
  • Happy birthday, @mistersugar! It’s a pleasure to know you and all the great work you do for bloggers. Keep the faith! 😉 #
  • @tiffanybbrown sounds like spam. #
  • @bpuccio How about a design featuring adorable cartoon microbes and such? 😉 #
  • OMG, I should have sent these – microbe action shots: #
  • @dbarger I won’t tell if you don’t. 😉 "Thank you, little baybee Jeezus…" #
  • This FY09 #planning is going great! Soon I’ll know exactly how many clones of myself I need. #
  • @rosevines, wow. TheStandard’s list is the real failure here. Buncha .com bunk. #
  • LMFAO at the trailer for Harold & Kumar. Opens on my birthday: 4/25! #
  • @mistersugar, um, I’ll be with you in spirit! #
  • It’s a crop circle for peace! #
  • @rashmi, Tufte needs a sense of humor! He’s obviously smart, but his arrogance makes his trainings almost unbearable. #
  • @pearlbear @ntenhross So when are we starting that Vendor Wall of Shame? #nptech (corrected) #
  • @mistersugar Ha ha ha, silly meat-eater! 😉 #
  • @ntenhross, Madeline Stanionis was far and away my favorite at #08ntc. (And I didn’t get an evaluation form b/c her session was packed!) #
  • @xicanista, hey! What do you have against big butts??? I’m taking that personal. 😉 #
  • You know what I love? Composing a long blog entry and getting a 500 error when I click Submit. That just makes my day. #bryght #
  • Lotsa people sending me interesting tech jobs lately. Ping me if yr looking for one. #
  • @dcm @arsepoetica I recommend the saketini. <3 Lantern…. #
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAA. #DIA just erased 75% of the text of a very convincing fundraising ask I just wrote. God damn it. #
  • There should be a limit on the number of web applications that are allowed to flake out each day. If today is Brught’s day, DIA has to wait. #
  • @silverbell, yeah. If only it could play favorites, I’m sure DIA would love me. #
  • Going for a walk in hopes of salvaging some coherence so I can #GSD as planned tonight. #
  • @jreesnc & @smalljones, pleeze post at #

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