Twittering about the caucuses

Last night I sort-of half-assed live-blogged the caucus results, but I did it on Twitter instead of on my blog. Here’s a collection of my caucus tweets from the last 16 hours, you can also read them at

Deleting literally hundreds of messages in my inbox about Iowa. 22 minutes ago

@mistersugar I think Huckabee is the most Bush-like candidate in the Republican field, especially re: religiosity. AR seems coincidental. 27 minutes ago

@levjoy Fuck yeah! Kucinich has a lot to say and nothing to lose. about 12 hours ago from twitterrific in reply to levjoy

CNN: Biden drops out! about 12 hours ago

Sounds like Stevie Wonder on at Obama HQ. about 12 hours ago

Thinking of how I was inspired the first time I heard Obama speak (at the 2004 DNC). Now I find him sort of… affected. Less authentic. about 12 hours ago

OMG I think they’re also playing U2 @ Obama party. Nice to see his daughters for a change. Michelle’s dress is a bit distracting. about 12 hours ago

Huck: “This election is not about mii, it’s about wii.” about 13 hours ago

Chuck Norris on stage with the Huckster, who is speechifying now. about 13 hours ago

CNN confirms: Dodd is dropping out. about 13 hours ago

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Blogging for community organizations

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Thanks to The People’s Channel for inviting me and Brian to come and help lead a discussion about blogging for their Community Media Workshop Series. For folks who were there, here are some links related to our dicussion:

  • Ruby’s list of what makes a blog (and some more background we didn’t discuss)

    1. first-person voice
      blogs increasingly have more credibility than the MSM because they are more authentic and believeable.
    2. community dialogue
      either through comments on the blog, or discussion between blogs
    3. archive & permalinks
      archives by date and sometimes by category or by author as well. permalinks allow others to refer directly to a specific post, encourages inter-blog dialog.
    4. database back-end
      this may be the least important, but is essential to emerging tools like aggregators that use syndicated content

  • Online communication tips including 10 social media tools to check out

  • So you wanna start an advocacy blog

Each of the post listed above links to tons more resources here and on other sites. Please explore…