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Last night I sort-of half-assed live-blogged the caucus results, but I did it on Twitter instead of on my blog. Here’s a collection of my caucus tweets from the last 16 hours, you can also read them at

Deleting literally hundreds of messages in my inbox about Iowa. 22 minutes ago

@mistersugar I think Huckabee is the most Bush-like candidate in the Republican field, especially re: religiosity. AR seems coincidental. 27 minutes ago

@levjoy Fuck yeah! Kucinich has a lot to say and nothing to lose. about 12 hours ago from twitterrific in reply to levjoy

CNN: Biden drops out! about 12 hours ago

Sounds like Stevie Wonder on at Obama HQ. about 12 hours ago

Thinking of how I was inspired the first time I heard Obama speak (at the 2004 DNC). Now I find him sort of… affected. Less authentic. about 12 hours ago

OMG I think they’re also playing U2 @ Obama party. Nice to see his daughters for a change. Michelle’s dress is a bit distracting. about 12 hours ago

Huck: “This election is not about mii, it’s about wii.” about 13 hours ago

Chuck Norris on stage with the Huckster, who is speechifying now. about 13 hours ago

CNN confirms: Dodd is dropping out. about 13 hours ago

@IowaCaucus neat-o! about 13 hours ago from twitterrific in reply to IowaCaucus

BTW, Ron Paul got about 10%, more than twice Giuliani’s 4%. about 13 hours ago

@podcastmama congrats! It must be fun to be a part of such a participatory democratic process. about 13 hours ago from twitterrific in reply to podcastmama

I can’t not think of the Dean Scream right now, and how the press took a audio malfunction and skewered an insurgent candidate. about 13 hours ago

John Edwards: “status quo lost, and change won.” Emphasizing how good his showing is proportionate to money spent. about 13 hours ago

Elizabeth Edwards addressing the crowd in Iowa. U2 “In the name of Love” playing at the party… about 13 hours ago

Congrats @TracyJoan & @JoeTrippi for beating Clinton! Keep up the great work, let’s shut her out. about 13 hours ago

Don’t want to hear the word “comeback” and Sen. Clinton in the same sentence. It’s overreaching pundit pratter. about 14 hours ago

Can’t believe CNN would have that racist idjit Bill Bennet on. about 14 hours ago

Grandma just called. She’s nearly weeping with joy at the political advancement of African Americans demonstrated in Iowa tonight. about 14 hours ago

@BarackObama congrats on Iowa! This is big! about 14 hours ago from twitterrific in reply to BarackObama

Sooo happy & relieved to see Clinton coming 3rd. Don’t really care if Edwards or Obama comes first, they’re both pretty good for Democrats. about 14 hours ago

Huck answered my question on Huck wins Iowa. Connection? 😉 about 14 hours ago

@agenthandy No, over 300 people. They select reps or delegates to state conventions. about 14 hours ago

I’m kinda surprised to see Giuliani not even making a show in Iowa. about 15 hours ago

CNN sez: Obama 33%, Edwards 33%, Clinton, 32% with 1/3 reporting. Calling it for Huckabee. about 15 hours ago

Final count at precinct 53 in DesMoines. Obama: 186, Edwards: 116, Clinton: 74. 3, 2, and 1 delegates respectively. about 15 hours ago

CSPAN ticker says that Jesse jackson’s wife just made an ad for Clinton in SC, although her husband is a Obama supporter. about 15 hours ago

On CNN it looks like Richardson is the only one outside the big 3 getting any delegates. about 15 hours ago

In a small precinct on CNN 16 Clinton, 16 Edwards, 10 Obama, 6 Biden. -> Biden not viable. about 15 hours ago

@Mlsif I hear you… about 15 hours ago

A lot of process discussion among the delegates. 10 Biden delegates wondering how to best use their bodies. about 15 hours ago

The one thing I like I like about the caucus system is the second round. Would like to have more Instant Runoff Voting in local elections… about 15 hours ago

@IowaCaucus, If Clinton is 3rd, Edwards must be 2nd. about 15 hours ago

At the precinct on C-SPAN Clinton is in third right now! Wonder where the “non-viable” supporters will go?Richardson folks are recruiting. about 15 hours ago

@podcastmama Wow, Obama has nearly 3x more supporters than Clinton? about 15 hours ago

Already getting pissed. These Iowans look nice, but they don’t deserve any more voice than I have! about 15 hours ago

Mutiny! The temporary chair was being a dick but finally lost. Bring on the new chair (a woman), w00t! about 15 hours ago

Barf, this precinct wants to hand count votes for caucus chair. Just eyeball it, dudes! about 15 hours ago

Watching a Democratic Party caucus in Des Moines (on C-SPAN)… what a wide variety of white people! about 16 hours ago

Everyone saying turnout in Iowa is way way up. Wonder if that energy will be sustained to us useless states with primaries in the spring? about 16 hours ago

Keep it up @Chuckumentary ! I look forward to watching your output. about 16 hours ago

Clinton supporter: “It’s time to bring the 90’s back.” OK, but only if we can have Kurt Cobain back as well. about 16 hours ago

Listening to the crazies call in on C-SPAN. about 16 hours ago

Cool, C-SPAN is actually SHOWING caucuses instead of just talking about them. about 17 hours ago

tee vee doesn’t have much to say. what are your favorite web sites for caucus info & analysis tonight? about 17 hours ago

Kick butt @podcastmama! Looking forward to your updates. about 17 hours ago

How about caucusing with people who live in a neighborhood *different* than yours? about 18 hours ago

Talking w/ yr neighbor is cool & we should definitely do it more often. Would love to elect a HOA by caucus, but Iowa is not the US. about 18 hours ago

This is such a crazy way to decide *anything!* h about 18 hours ago

How did such peer-pressure based system become so instrumental to our “democracy?” about 22 hours ago

Can’t believe I’m looking forward to hearing about the results in Iowa tonight. I’m even following @IowaCaucus. about 22 hours ago

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