So you wanna start an advocacy blog

Do you ever write someone an e-mail and then think “this might be helpful for others.” Well I just did. Here’s a quick-and-dirty list of suggested links and reading for organizations looking to utilize blogs as advocacy and movement-building tools:

Here is a guide that can be helpful in developing a more specific strategy for your blog.

But also keep in mind that although you can control the comments in various ways, blogs are conversations. So don’t just think of them in terms of promoting certain talking points. Also, a key target audience for blogs are the media because your content helps them do their job, and their publications help your ideas reach more people.

Here are some additional resources and recommended reading that I’ve compiled over the years:

Overview of blogging:

Good info on blogging as advocacy strategy:

Free online tools for activists:

A list of online resources and ideas:

Advanced strategy:

1 thought on “So you wanna start an advocacy blog

  1. If you are a better speaker than writer using audio to promote your cause online can be a good idea. Plus people learn many different ways. Giving them the option of audio, text, and video is a good idea.

    Putting audio on the web isn’t hard. Its almost as easy as creating a blog. Online audio services like Odeo and Audioblogger are simple.

    Laster year the New Oxford American named ‘Podcasting’ its word of the year. Podcasting is a popular method of creating your own radio station on the web that others can subscribe to. Learn more about it here and here.

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