Thank you, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Edwards passed away this week and is being warmly remembered from all corners. Many people talk about her great heart and the strength of her resilience, and it’s true that she was an incredible model for anyone dealing with personal pain.

But I remember her best for being whip smart and unbelievably charming. I met her once, and she was even more brilliant and impressive in person. Her death is a huge loss for Chapel Hill, for North Carolina, and for the whole country that has been a beneficiary of her health care activism in recent years.

For those who haven’t been reading OP forever, here’s the comment she posted here in 2005 after the Edwards’ moved to Orange County. And below is the text of a 2006 OP post called “Elizabeth Edwards, keeping it real.”

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Edwards campaign all over social network sites

Since you ask… why yes I was quoted in the Washington Post today! 😉 All the presidential hopefuls are online. Everyone’s got a Web site. A few hired full-time bloggers and videographers. Most have MySpace profiles, just a click away from “friending” a supporter. Yet Edwards has taken his Internet presence a step further, fully …

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Blogging from the top down

Salon has a very interesting article today by Lindsay Beyerstein of Majikthise on why she turned down the job that Amanda Marcotte briefly held with the Edwards campaign. She also addresses what she thinks is a major flaw in their online strategy: by making bloggers “official” you remove most of the value of their independent, …

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My candidate is Good!

This entry was also posted at I tend to be more interested in “how the web is using them” than “how the candidates are using the web” in techPresident’s mission. So of course I’m fascinated by the John Edwards Is Good website. I like the ambiguity of this slogan. Does it mean Edwards is …

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Progressive bloggers give up on Edwards

I hate to write about something while I am still so mad about it, but I just can’t sit still with this any longer. I just learned that the other progressive activist blogger (Melissa McEwan of Shakespeare’s Sister) that was hired by Edwards’ campaign for being a progressive activist blogger has also resigned for being …

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Low blow

As if I needed more reasons not to like her, Hillary Clinton’s campaign appears to have bought the domain name edwards08-dot-com and pointed it to hillaryclinton-dot-com. Actually, I’m not sure who registered it. I heard about this story from a blogger I don’t know, and I looked up the domain and the WHOIS information is …

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Edwards ’08. For real.

Brian and I recorded a short video response to John Edwards’ YouTube campaign announcement. It was super-easy to do right from the web camera built into my laptop. Now that I am no longer a video blogging virgin, perhaps I’ll try it again some time. Here’s one of my recent favorite John Edwards quotations (from …

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Sharing the burden

One of the many reasons that it’s so smart for the Edwards campaign to utilize existing social networking web sites is that they can all collectively handle the load that his personal web site apparently cannot. The campaign already has groups on MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube as well as his own One Corps site. …

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I fully understand why is not exactly the most responsive web site at this moment. 😉 But I am a bit concerned about his advertised “live blogging at 11 am CST” (in 2 minutes) when I see this message: Please stand by… The One America Committee Blog is down momentarily for a code upgrade. …

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Scoble on the campaign trail?

Uberblogger Robert Scoble is traveling with the John Edwards campaign, but he’s “keeping [the blog] relatively politics free” and is “not going to write a lot about John Edwards.” Huh? Anyway, this is the interesting part: I’m wearing my ConvergeSouth shirt in honor of Sue Polinsky, who really is responsible for getting us in a …

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