Wrong politics, wrong time

Did you hear the bad news? Hillary is running. Many of us wonder who are these “Democrats” who keep telling pollsters they’d vote for her? I haven’t met any of them.

No-one would benefit more from her nomination than Republican organizers. She’s their public enemy #1, possibly a better bogeyman than Osama Bin Laden. Meanwhile most Democrats (base voters) response to her is something along the lines of… “eh.” If there are still Democratic party leaders that think they can win something by leaning to the right (as she does), I’d like to send them to re-education camp at the Rockridge Institute.

Much as I love the idea of a woman in the White House, I think that right now what we need is a progressive candidate with integrity and grassroots support. Most importantly, the Democratic nominee needs to be someone who can sincerely run on an anti-war platform. That does not spell H.R.C.

By the way, I can’t help but notice that her website looks very familiar

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