Elizabeth Edwards, keeping it real

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I just read this article by my friend Micah Sifry about Elizabeth Edwards. He says she is the “only person who I think we can genuinely say is participating in the blogosphere, as opposed to just using it.” One of his supporting examples is Eliabeth’s visit to OP to answer some questions I had raised about the location of their new home and the status of their voter registration.

As usual, she responded openly and directly. As I wrote to Micah, Elizabeth is so smart and fierce and charming it’s scary. Further proof was seen in her graceful handling of that clown Chris Matthews on live TV recently. I sometimes have complaints about her husband’s policies (the same I have of almost every Democrat), but as a person I only admire her more the more I get to know her. I wish nothing but the best to the entire Edwards family.

Good luck in NOLA!

Fundamental Truth at the DNC

I guess I was too busy being cynical last night to notice the Buddhist influence in John Edwards’ speech.

Like all of us, I have learned a lot of lessons in my life. Two of the most important are that first, there will always be heartache and struggle–you can’t make it go away. But the other is that people of good and strong will can make a difference. One lesson is a sad lesson and the other’s inspiring.


The Four Noble Truths (the foundation of Buddhism):

  1. Life means suffering.
  2. The origin of suffering is attachment.
  3. The cessation of suffering is attainable.
  4. The path to the cessation of suffering.

So Long DP, It’s Been Swell

On the question of the whether John Edwards will help or hurt Erskine Bowles. I just posted the following comment at EdCone.com:

If Bowles can’t take advantage of the increased Democratic resources flowing into N.C., it’s his own fault. Have you seen his site lately? I’m glad to see it’s been redesigned, but it’s now apparent that he’s running in the wrong primary.

The headlines:
“Homeland Security”
“Lowes Motor Speedway… Richard Petty .. Bush series”
“Fiscal Discipline… Republicans and Democrats Together”
“Fight special interests”

I sure want to beat Richard Burr, but I’m still waiting for one compelling reason to help Bowles.

I am increasingly convinced that Clinton spoiled the already-ailing Democratic party when he played his presidency so thoroughly to the center. It clearly worked for him personally, but it’s something other Dems can’t do without outright imitating Republicans. And even if they could get away with it, what’s the point?

What the hell are they fighting for? I look forward to the Democratic Party’s ultimate demise, although it’s going to be a rough time for the country until someone else gets their shit together.