What the hell is wrong with SEANC?

First the State Employees Association of North Carolina (a historically strong labor advocate) did more harm than good by secretly push polling for it’s endorsed N.C. Senate candidate Barry Jacobs. Barry lost, thanks largely to SEANC’s encouragement of negative stereotypes about him.

Now they are endorsing the Republican candidate for Governor just because they’re pissed (probably rightly) at Governor Easley. Now, I’ll grant that Easley is lame. I could even understand SEANC declining to endorse in the governor’s race. But a labor group endorsing a conservative Republican is disingenuous at best.

These are the kind of strategies that show a group is more interested in showing off it’s own muscle than actually gaining improvements for it’s constituents. I will be sure to disregard SEANC’s political recommendations now and in the years to come (at least until they fire Executive Director Dana Cope).

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