It’s hard to cover an elephant

Since I recommended some reading during the Democratic National Convention, I would be remiss if I didn’t also offer some pointers this week.

  • Wonkette is the place to go for gossip. She’s a fabulously snarky, equal opportunity ridiculer of celebrities. Especially good coverage of parties, the Bush sisters, and scandals (bonus if all three coincide).
  • Like Wonkette, my friend John Aravosis (of AmericaBlog) has left his normal environs inside the beltway to cover the events in the Big Apple. He has a sharp political mind and has been leading the campaign to “out” gay republicans – especially Dick Cheney’s daughter
  • I don’t know this Travis La France guy, but he’s been recommended by other bloggers, and has not disappointed me yet. He brings the crucial horny-Brooklyn-poet perspective that is so often forgotten.
  • For more, it appears that ConventionBloggers has been repurposed to aggregate blog posts about the RNC this week (of which there are considerably fewer than there were during the DNC).
  • And of course you’ve got to check in with the NYC Independent Media Center to find out what’s really hapenning in the street.

Unlike the previous convention I won’t be watching much of this one myself, so you’ll have to rely on these and other clever people for insights and analysis. Also, watch it on C-SPAN if you want to actually hear the speeches instead of George Stephanopolous, Bill Krystol, or Michael Beschloss droning on self-importantly.

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