Tweets from 2009-07-10

  • RT @brianoberkirch: “Dear Old People Who Run the World,
    My generation would like to break up with you. ” #
  • Not my day. Rtwt @IzzySinreich: I thought it was nice of me to let mommy have a few sips of coffee before I pooped all over her this morn. #
  • If you’ve been in the mood to avoid me, I would recommend doing so today. Grrrrrr. #
  • Amen. Rtwt @ntenhross: New to Twitter? Make sure your profile is really complete. I don’t follow people if they don’t have a clear profile. #
  • It’s cussing time. #
  • Brand new site now launched!!! We’re joining the rest of the world in doing a public beta. 😉 #
  • Rtwt @JammingEcono: Attn spouses of geeks! Yr worries re: what 2 buy for the holidays are OVER! (Tauntaun sleeping bag!) #
  • @juliakm Actually I just waltzed in at the end. My coworkers slaved over that site for many months. in reply to juliakm #
  • @BrentSpiner Is this some kind of Being John Malkovich schtick? in reply to BrentSpiner #
  • Rtwt @smalljones: RT @TEDxAVL: We have a date + a venue! TEDx Asheville will take place August 30, 2009 @ThePeel #

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