Tweets from 2009-06-03

  • Made it to new employee orientation in time to snag food and sit down for a day of patronizing lectures at the beautiful Duke Gardens. #
  • As a UNC alum and a Chapel Hill native, it’s going to be hard to adjust to working at Dook. But I think I will find a way to make it compute #
  • Remembering some of the cool parts of Dook… American Dance Festival, Ctr for Documentary Studies,Talent ID Program, Duke Gardens… #
  • Oh, and of course the fabulous John Hope Franklin Ctr, where I work! It’s full of cool ppl doing good things like @FHI_duke, @HASTAC etc. #
  • Good point. Rtwt @daggoo And don’t forget duke hospital … they kept my Dad from going blind and did a lot of good things for Cy! #
  • Oh yeah: Lemurs! #goodthingsaboutdook #
  • Just did the math, found it will be cheaper to pay for a monthly parking space @ Dook than to take the bus 10 times a month. Transit FAIL. #
  • w00t! Rtwt: @fhi_duke: @ruby Even better, the lemurs are on twitter! @DukeLemurCenter #goodthingsaboutdook #
  • Oh boy. Up next: 30 minute video about Dook benefits. Where’s the popcorn? #
  • @msfour Yes, during school year I can get to work for free via: Chapel Hill Transit (N route) -> Robertson -> Duke Transit (C-2 route). #
  • I’m wasting my valuable child-free time on the phone with the county, state and federal gvm’t trying to get child’s social security#. Grrr. #
  • Want to work with me? @HASTAC is hiring a new program coordinator. See: #
  • @jedmiller Oy veyismir! in reply to jedmiller #
  • I’m watching this Behind the Whitehouse thingy on NBC purely b/c several of you tweeted about it. I hadn’t even heard of it an hour ago. #
  • What is the URL of wayfinding site I like so much where you can make your own landmarks and routes on a map? I use it every few months… #

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