Tweets from 2009-05-22

  • Have discovered the corollary to ‘hop on pop’: poop on mom. #
  • OMG. Planned attacks on Jews in the Bronx targeted Riverdale where I have family members. Oy! #
  • Wish I could convince my family to use Flickr (or even Facebook) to upload pictures instead of sending me huge attachments. #
  • Wow, when did Ning become Facebook? #
  • (Not literally, it just has a lot of the same features, including char bar at bottom of page, etc.) #Ning #Facebook #
  • @Jerimee Cool, but video/audio starting on page load is a major turnoff. There are 2 things playing & I can’t figure out how to stop it! in reply to Jerimee #
  • Whitehouse launches huge open gov’t initiative. @mlsif & @nancyscola explain at #
  • Rtwt @msfour: so my 6 year old dropped the f-bomb today. i think the shock on my face told him everything he needed to know. #
  • Wow, I think we found an awesome baby sitter. What a relief! #
  • Kewl! Rtwt @baratunde: MAJOR NEWS: I’m hosting a TV show about the future for @ScienceChannel and @PopSci. #
  • @rachelannyes Dag, I wish we could ride to #netsquared together again. SF tweeps: give Rachel a ride! She’s fun & edutational! #nptech #

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