Tweets from 2009-05-21

  • Rtwt @smalljones: RT @wunc: State of Things with @fstutzman & Susie Davis. Facebook used to be an exclusive… #
  • Heh. Rtwt @susanmernit: Tweets of the self-important (mostly), cheap laughs- #
  • Has anyone used the Amazon Mechanical Turk lately? I played w/ it when it came out. Now considering using it for real… #
  • @blakewatters Ha ha, if only there were a way! No, it has to do with analyzing > 1,000 pieces of content to migrate to a new site. in reply to blakewatters #
  • w00t! Rtwt @Pam_Spaulding: – First Women’s Media Center Awards taps Amanpour, Maddow…and your blogmistress. #
  • Mmm, glucola. #
  • @ericagee Apparently I have to get tested for diabetes post-partum. But I have been preparing this time, and plan to ace the test. #
  • Got all excited for the last 2 hours b/c I thought it was Friday. Figured it out by the # of Daily Shows I have recorded. #
  • @olray …and you’re tweeting, which makes my day better. 😉 Hope all gets better shortly, Auntie Lion. in reply to olray #

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