Tweets from 2009-05-15

  • Hitting the wall. #
  • ! @LauraLeslie Touché. Thanks for the live news from the N.C. General Assembly & the sense of humor. #
  • Good thing Twitter made that change to @replies to improve performance, huh? #fixreplies #twitterfail #
  • Amen! Rtwt @rootwork: Email appeals that have no web version make Tweets about them impossible. #nptech #
  • Jut tried to plug a Twitter feed into Feedburner (which has now been swallowed by Teh Goog), but it didn’t validate. 🙁 C’mon, Twitter! #
  • I’m sure some of you will appreciate this. Rtwt @wootoff: $1.49 : Bacon Salt #
  • ! @trixietracker It’s times like this (signal is crappy & Treo browser barfs) that I really wish you’d take commands via txt or tweet. #

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