Tweets from 2009-05-14

  • @holdie1 Thanks. Motherhood is delightful, except when I need to get anything else done. Like say… work. Ug. in reply to holdie1 #
  • DO you think TwiRtwt @diosacomm: Tell Twitter to Re-Instate “@” Replies: #
  • (Oops, misfire.) I don’t get why Twitter did this. #fixreplies Rtwt @diosacomm: Tell Twitter to Re-Instate @ Replies: #
  • @fstutzman Oh no. Don’t they want potentially all four of your hands to manage the infant? Maybe you can get someone to switch seats. in reply to fstutzman #
  • Rtwt @marshallk: Twitter Puts a Muzzle on Your Friends: Goodbye People I Never Knew #
  • @coxn B/c I retweeted it. If I replied to him, you wouldn’t see that. It depends on whether tweet starts w/ “@” character. in reply to coxn #
  • Ah quiet. I hope it’s because my son has calmed down and fallen asleep, and not because my husband had to take him outside… #
  • Getting extremely anxious about this “almost done” web site that is not really close to done at all. This is a very Bad Thing. #
  • @amazonmp3 Can I vote against both of them? #
  • Rtwt @marshallk: Twitter Reverses Policy **now with SEXY real chart by @jaredwsmith ** #
  • Why it’s a good idea to understand communication services (like Twitter) before you use them to communicate. @wonkette : #

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