Tweets from 2009-03-18

  • Amen! Rtwt @aquariumdrinker: To My Daughter, Regarding Her Uterus #
  • @tarheelcoxn Kick some butt in Raleigh! in reply to tarheelcoxn #
  • @eronel It’s true. I’ve been sadly observing the earthworm carnage for several days now. #
  • My main gripe with the new #Facebook is that it doesn’t work. Things don’t render properly, I can’t access my apps menu, forms don’t send… #
  • @linuxjournal Ping! I would love a subscription to LJ. in reply to linuxjournal #
  • @linuxjournal Oh and what’s a “digital subscription?” in reply to linuxjournal #
  • So glad I work at home where no-one will bother me about wearing green. I don’t observe Irish holidays any more than I do Christian ones. #
  • @msfour I know where it is. It’s been there for months. It doesn’t work anymore. #facebook #fail in reply to msfour #
  • Hope el jefe likes Eno. Playing Music for Airports at my pelvis while propping my torso at an angle my stomach hates. Heels up, baby! #
  • @thedailyfill Just remember: they’re plants. They *want* to grow. Don’t worry too much. (Hit my mom up for proper advice.) in reply to thedailyfill #
  • Is there anyway to get #Firebug to leave certain domains alone? I think it’s messing with some essential web-based services for me… #
  • @karitas Thanks, but disabling the console isn’t helping. I think I need to disable #Firebug completely. (If it is the culprit.) in reply to karitas #
  • @tracyrusso Does there have to be a meme every year? Each person takes away new info, relationships, insights, etc. #sxsw in reply to tracyrusso #
  • Sorry for blaming #Firebug, I disabled the add-on and I still can’t get #Facebook or #GoogleCal to behave properly. eg: #
  • About to have acupuncture for the first time ever! #

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