Tweets from 2009-03-17

  • I hate UNC Hospitals. Also my insurance is lametastic. And one of them is lying to the other. Just what I want to deal with right now. #
  • Rtwt @LauraLeslie: hearing today’s the day for next round of N&O cuts – buyouts, pay cuts, & some layoffs. Crossing fingers for my friends. #
  • Update: Rtwt @LauraLeslie: N&O cuts may not be today, but expected later this week. McClatchy cuts at KC Star and Idaho were today. #
  • I agree. Rtwt @smalljones: V for Vendetta > Watchmen. No question about it. #
  • @LauraLeslie You were right the first time. @NewsObserver announces layoff, salary cuts, & furloughs today: #
  • @fatbellybella Time for some sex ed, momma! in reply to fatbellybella #
  • Rtwt @orangepolitics: UNC wins the academic NCAA tourney! Very cool. #
  • Rtwt @FORpeace: Progressive Revival says Obama should widen his circle of spiritual advisors to incl women & non-Xtians: #
  • @davidb Unless she’s paying, you’re not wrong. in reply to davidb #
  • I am now going to lie down with my butt over my head (somehow) and burn Chinese herbs near my feet until this baby turns around, dammit. #

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