Tweets from 2009-03-03

  • Rtwt @PPCNC: Hate mongering marriage discrimination rally at NC Gen Assbly today. Why are they so challenged by another couple’s love? #
  • Just listened to a cute little ditty called “Poop goes in the potty.” Soon this will be a pressing topic in my house. #
  • @pattychasevan Yes, only “soon” in a very general sense. I imagine conversations about poop will be more frequent, though. in reply to pattychasevan #
  • @minorjive Alphabutt is on the same compilation as Poop Goes in the Potty (a recent baby shower gift from v. cool friend). 🙂 in reply to minorjive #
  • @minorjive Yes, clearly I do need more Alphabutt. (Didn’t realize it was an album, too.) in reply to minorjive #
  • @minorjive Oh yes, I am already a fan of “fix mama a smoothie.” 😉 in reply to minorjive #
  • Does anyone have a book or web site or video for clueless new grandparents? #
  • I’m a life-long “Mac person” but am now syncing an iPod for the first time ever. (4th gen clickwheel) Anyone have fave hacks to share? #
  • @ableparris For all images: “img { margin: 0; padding: 0; }” otherwise use a class, eg: “.no { margin: 0; padding: 0;}” + <img class=”no” #
  • @ableparris Oh, I see. The image is still contained w/in the <P>. Try overflow:visible in the P or put the img outside the P. in reply to ableparris #
  • My mom made a sock monkey quilt for el jefe. Very cute: #

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