Tweets from 2009-03-02

  • Rtwt @randomdeanna: Apps for next round of Progressive Women’s Voices now open. Cannot recommend this enough! #
  • @MeEloise No, my friend Deanna is in the program. I don’t think I can commit to the travel with a baby this year. 🙁 in reply to MeEloise #
  • Wow, one of my favorite thinkers @CornelWest is on Twitter! (But he’s not following anyone.) Jump in professor, the water is fine! #
  • And in more skeezy news… Rtwt @nathanhewitt: Octo-Mom nixes FREE child care because she wants a reality TV show #
  • Vendor proposes to cancel the weekly meeting in which he usually tells me how he’s failing, b/c he has no progress to report this week. Hmm. #
  • @gregoryheller I’ve been pretty happy with the hotels I’ve found through hotwire, especially in DC. in reply to gregoryheller #
  • Brilliant. Rtwt @johnjoseph: hahaha, @dweinberger is mad with power after buying a new labeler. “Everything WAS miscellaneous. Bwahaha!” #
  • I have spent all day uploading a handful of tiny videos that are all under 2 min long. My whole computer is groaning under the strain! WTF. in reply to Chuckumentary #
  • Anyone tweeting about s k i t t l e s is risking an unfollow. Just FYI. #
  • @brianr and I are having a flashback from looking at this web page that looks like it was made circa 1994: #
  • @melynng La la la la. I can’t hear you, I’m ignoring you… But srsly, look that candy up at today if you don’t kn #

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