Tweets from 2009-02-10

  • I think today is going to be the prettiest day of the year so far. (And if that doesn’t get me off my ass, nothing will.) #
  • What the frak? I’ve lost weight again! Midwives don’t mind ’cause my uterus keeps growing. #
  • @ntenhross I don’t know the Beyonce song, and I advocate vegetarianism, so I reckon I’ll be voting for the trombone… 😉 in reply to ntenhross #
  • Just found out I have Monday off. Bonus! (Thank you, presidents.) #
  • OK! Just finished being in meetings since 10:30 this morning. What did I miss? #
  • Thanks, @huffpost/@baratunde! Good to know the collapse of society is proceeding apace without my help. 😉 in reply to huffpost #
  • Memo to marketers trying to sell me baby stuff: don’t say it’s great for “moms” unless it requires breasts & a vagina to operate. #nosale #
  • @jehb Heh. I guess now I have to go look that up… in reply to jehb #
  • I like, & is OK, but none let own my data. Isn’t there something better? #health2.0 #
  • @kimazoid I looked at Google Health, but didn’t see the tracker/log/journal kinda things I need. Watching glucose, also food & exercise. in reply to kimazoid #
  • @rootwork What do you have against smartphones? I still <3 my Treo… in reply to rootwork #
  • @mistersugar Tufte is smart but overrated. Only take training if it’s free. And if you have a high tolerance for pompous white dudes. in reply to mistersugar #
  • Have decided I can do a better job tracking my glucose, etc. in a spreadsheet. #Health2.0 fail. #
  • @10ch Fair enough. I think his ideas are good, but it doesn’t take all day or 3 books to explain them. in reply to 10ch #

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