Tweets from 2009-01-13

  • @blogdiva Yes, I did. And I noted the attached letter which said I was invited to all “public” events surrounding the inauguration. No duh. in reply to blogdiva #
  • It’s too freaking cold outside! I might just walk up and down our (indoor) stairs a few times for my daily exercise. #
  • So… where are the fun web-2.0-y glucose tracking tools? #diabetes #health #
  • @mistersugar I took dissociated shift key and laptop to the Apple Sto’, and the Genius popped it right back on for me. No charge. in reply to mistersugar #
  • Agree w/ the call for political blogs to try Drupal as per (via @jayrosen_nyu). It already has all those features. #
  • @pink_plaid Yes, I seem to have a touch of the GD. (Thx for giving me an opp to say that.) Eating well & exercising were hard enough before! in reply to pink_plaid #
  • @pattychasevan This GD: in reply to pattychasevan #
  • Hey locals, care to recommend a mechanic (preferably in north Durham) for a buyer’s inpection? I’ve used Guess Rd Amoco‎, but many yrs ago. #
  • Hey, me too! Retweeting @MyNC: Maya Angelou Will Watch Obama Inauguration, On TV In NC #
  • Retweeting @BrianR: Wonderful article by @ryan_thornburg! READ this folks if you care about eDemocracy in NC #

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