Tweets from 2008-12-27

  • Hey triangle-area tweeps, are there any used or new car dealerships that you like/trust more than others? #
  • Interesting. Retweeting @guerrillamama: creating child friendly anarchist space: #
  • Everyone sez the Pontiac Vibe is the same as the Matrix but w/o Toyota reputation. What’s the catch? #
  • @dcm I heard several reports mention the rockets into southern Israel, but none talked abt or compared the damage. in reply to dcm #
  • @cakemason *Please* tell me the french fry patient was yours… and that you got more of the story. 🙂 in reply to cakemason #
  • @dcm Oh no, I meant they mentioned Hamas rockets in connection w/ Israeli bombing. Not before. Good point. in reply to dcm #
  • Out of 3 car dealerships only one played the classic “oh wait, we suddenly found a better deal now that you are walking out the door” game. #
  • I will not be going back there (Crown Honda Southpoint, FYI). I don’t mind haggling, but won’t tolerate being toyed with. #
  • @ludovicspeaks A Honda Fit would be nice, but also looking at other cars. Need 4 doors, want hatchback & fuel efficiency. in reply to ludovicspeaks #
  • @smalljones To be honest, I’m morally opposed to buying new cars, it just seems inherently wasteful. in reply to smalljones #

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