Tweets from 2008-12-19

  • I’m glad I’m not out driving in it, but the fog is so beautiful & peaceful in the winter trees from my 3rd-floor home office window. #
  • Link, please? Retweeting @blogdiva: seriously, am so having a #geekgasm over this #Drupal PROJECT tracker. it’s da frucking bomb! #
  • @mistersugar Why not just use the feeds of the stories you want from your WP blog? in reply to mistersugar #
  • @blogdiva I’ll be 7 months preggo by then, not especially into travelling. But I’ll think about it… #fem2pt0 in reply to blogdiva #
  • @juliakm Oh dear. Give ’em hell. The only way we got our dishwasher from #Sears is calling and complaining almost daily. in reply to juliakm #
  • So into being finished that I just can’t figure out where to start today. #
  • Starting to get very pissed off with Democracy inAction’s support staff, which is usually their strong suit… Grr. #nptech #
  • @johnjoseph Hee hee. Unintentional – must have been subliminal. I may start doing it on purpose, though… 😉 in reply to johnjoseph #
  • @BrianR Robocalls are way cheap. That’s part of why so many use them. Probably cents per call or less. in reply to BrianR #
  • Hanging out at the Wii party at @CarrboroCowork. Come play, y’all! #
  • Oh shoot, someone brought Guitar Hero. I finnaly get to see the sensation that everyone’s talking about. Seems like DDR for the fingers. #
  • @agenthandy Say hi to Zara for me. 🙂 in reply to agenthandy #
  • @rachelannyes Well that is is shitty, esp with just 30 days notice. Hopefully it will work out to be a positive change in the end. in reply to rachelannyes #
  • Yay, new Flight of the Conchords. Entire episode online! Via @missrogue #
  • Retweeting @ayse: Catching @Maddow. ZOMFGWTMFFBBFQ! Warren bans gay ppl from his church?? So his god is a loving god but him not so much? #
  • …and retweeting @skeskali: Who are these self-loathing queers who are ‘friends’ w/ Warren, Palin, et al? Can we kick them out of the club? #

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