Tweets from 2008-12-17

  • I love Charlie Brown Christmas way more than someone who hates Christmas should. For me, at least, it’s not about the holiday at all. #
  • Thank you to folks who posted on Facebook and wherever. As a result I’m having a giggly morning. #
  • Need coffee but don’t want to schlep downstairs & make it. Stupid joints %$)()#@%^ relaxin %^&#@#$&^%()*) pregnancy ^%^&%^&%^@!!! #
  • Retweeting @AmnestyUK: Hossein Derakhshan’s case has gotten me thinking: Would you still blog if you were likely to be arrested for it? #
  • Nice. Twhirl (I think) just crashed my entire computer. Hard reset. 🙁 #
  • @noneck I once found a spider in a travel mug THAT I WAS DRINKING FROM. in reply to noneck #
  • @noneck It was extremely traumatic. No more drinking from things I couldn’t see into for years after that. in reply to noneck #
  • @smartsculture Gack! in reply to smartsculture #
  • Hmm, was going to join a #Convio webinar today but it requires IE or Netscape. No can do. #nptech #fail #
  • @MeEloise They need to develop hypno-pregnancy! in reply to MeEloise #
  • @digibill Good idea. @jjLassberg Seriously! I couldn’t believe it either. in reply to digibill #
  • So I called in for the audio part of “social media for social change” and so far it’s mostly about online corporate marketing. Feh. #
  • @MeEloise Oh I gave up on the phone webinar. Too much other stuff to do. You know I have a longstanding love/hate relationship w/ #Convio. in reply to MeEloise #
  • Retweeting @Pam_Spaulding: – Rick Warren giving the invocation at the inaugural? COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. #
  • I finally have more info to share about the Colombian gov’t tapping my coworkers e-mail! See #
  • @R_Monteverde I don’t know the technical deets, but our Colombia team already had more security measures in place than the rest of the org. in reply to R_Monteverde #
  • Retweeting @wonkette: Evangelical Wingnut Rick Warren To Deliver Invocation At Inauguration: #
  • Rick Warren says the difference between himself and James Dobson is a “matter of tone” Via @ayse #
  • Must. Eat. Dinner……… …… … . . . . . . . . . . . #

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