Tweets from 2008-12-11

  • @kekay I never said the pubic symphesis was for women only, but non-pregnant ppl don’t have relaxin & 10 lbs of uterus stretching theirs out in reply to kekay #
  • Anyone having problems with the javascript Twitter badge? I have one at that used to work but stopped. #
  • Retweeting @orangepolitics: UNC students’ flashmob/rave at library Like a little bit o’ San Fran in Chapel Hill. #
  • One perk of working at home: Windows open, listening to the rain, looking at mist in the trees. Ahhh. #
  • @smalljones Wha? in reply to smalljones #
  • Ooh, loud thunder coming in. I have a front-row seat. #
  • Why don’t people get that shared calendars only work if everyone uses them? I end up managing my colleagues calendars for them. Lame. #
  • OMG, please ask for my suggestions and then argue with every idea I come up with! That really motivates me. #
  • @minorjive Thank FSM it’s not my boss in this case. Just someone else wasting my time. in reply to minorjive #
  • Anyone have a favorite socially-responsible investment retirement fund? I have a few to choose form including Calvert & Domini. #
  • So far I have 2 votes for Domini, and 1 each for Neuberger Berman and a mattress, neither of which is oferred by my employer. #retirement #
  • @jreesnc I know for a fact that you have the same Treo as me, why didn’t you just use Google? in reply to jreesnc #
  • Just had to turn my music up b/c the rain is so loud! #
  • @BrianR Hmmm. But it’s Twitter’s badge. I re-grabbed the HTML/JS code from their site today and it still doesn’t work. in reply to BrianR #
  • Hee hee. Retweeting @Chuckumentary: I have written an important analysis of Blago-style. Important I say! #
  • Do I want a 401k or Roth? Roth, right? #
  • Rtwt @baratunde: Powell lashes out at Palin: I’m from the South Bronx ‘and there’s nothing wrong with my value system.’ #
  • Agreed! Retweeting @blogdiva: three people the world could do without : Robert Mugabe, Rod Blagojevich, Joe The Plumber. what do you think? #
  • @ayse I know! I always wonder about their definition of “within reach.” in reply to ayse #
  • @redaxelrod @andrew_dunn @saragregory Now y’all know why Flash-based sites suck and are the sourge of the web. in reply to redaxelrod #
  • @tubafrenzy Cool! I’ve actually been missing some of my local 90’s favorites from my now-digital music collection. in reply to tubafrenzy #
  • Hee hee. I think I’ve all this parenting stuff figured out now: #
  • @monicarolevans I won’t be giving it barbells or putting it in the dryer either. 😉 in reply to monicarolevans #
  • Upgraded to the purdy new WordPress 2.7 and broke my blawg. 🙁 #
  • @smalljones Front page throws up error “Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error…”, entry pages are blank. #wordpress in reply to smalljones #
  • @smalljones Correction: permalinks are slow to load but fine. Just front page barfing. May have to change theme? Dunno. #wordpress in reply to smalljones #
  • What a shame these plush cell phone beds are sold out: #

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