Tweets from 2008-12-01

  • Retweeting @blueNC: Poll: How’s Obama doing so far? #
  • 😉 Retweeting @valdiskrebs: you know you are following interesting people when you find yourself constantly re-tweeting… #
  • Ever since I blocked a message from this racist moron, I sometimes get blank pages w/ just the Facebook header & footer, no content. #
  • @jreesnc I briefly visited to the new 3cups a few weeks ago and felt even more uncomfortable there than I did at the old location. in reply to jreesnc #
  • Retweeting @Katrinskaya: As food pantries are overwhelmed, 1 activist tries to survive on a foodstamp diet #
  • @jreesnc I usually get the feeling that I don’t know enough about coffee or wine to converse with the barista or even know what to order. in reply to jreesnc #
  • @RobertP I don’t want or need their help. I just don’t enjoy being in that environment. in reply to RobertP #
  • @jreesnc & I don’t feel like a slob when I go to Open Eye. But I’m not big on coffee shops anyway. I’d rather be at @weaverstreet or @ home. in reply to jreesnc #
  • Join me in laughing at this ignorant racist on Facebook: #
  • Retweeting @orangepolitics: Check out @CInscoe’s study of 3 progressive political blogs including OP: #
  • Retweet @jayrosen_nyu: … how best to express that President Bush should be the person applying for a pardon, not the person you apply to. #
  • Retweeting @marshallk: Pownce Team Joins SixApart, Closes Service our coverage on Jobwire #
  • @sarahfelicity But did you know before? Security seems almost a matter of who/what you believe than actual external conditions. in reply to sarahfelicity #

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