Too stupid not to share

I recently received the following message on Facebook from someone named Darren Steele who was apparently an old classmate of a friend of mine. (He was subsequently unfriended by my friend, and blocked by me.)

“afro american studies???? lmao..what a waste of time….making some serious cake with that im sure..people like you crack me up. what did u study in that class..big lips…welfare …why do males leave their children and sell drugs??? lmao…people like you is why OBAMA is the president..this country is fading fast….I sure hope this country rids itself od idiots like you very very soon!”

The good news is the reminder that most racists are so stupid that they don’t really pose much of a threat these days. The sad thing is that the guy is somewhere near my age (37), so it will be a while before this crap truly dies out. It does make one consider reinstating literacy tests at the polls, though…

2 thoughts on “Too stupid not to share

  1. This stuff makes me really sad. You should make sure Facebook knows about him. I’m sure he’s broken their terms of use. This crap is serious harassment!

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