Tweets from 2008-11-13

  • Wow, I found this guide to “How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you” just in time! #
  • I need to punch something. #
  • @busymommaval There will be no tequila shots for me while I’m gestating! I’ll have one with you in spirit, though. #
  • @matusiak I know, I’m not feeling like a good Buddhist today. Hopefully I am not actually acting my frustration… #
  • This beautiful gentle rain in the trees is really not making me want to hunker down over work right now. Sigh. #
  • Ahem. Retweeting @wonkette: Obama’s Staff Of Clinton Hacks Is Insufficiently Change-y: #
  • If – like me – you don’t like the direction of Obama’s appointements, the NYTimes lets you suggest cabinet picks for him: #

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