Tweets from 2008-03-24

  • Officially fed up with wrestling with our #MythTV box. Contacting about sending it back. #
  • Setting up Alex King’s Twitter Tools to digest my tweets and barf them out on to my blog. #
  • I need a visit from the coffee fairy. Going to use today’s comp day as a sick day, but still have a meeting at 9pm. #
  • Err, I mean mean 9 AM. Duh. #
  • … aaand Mr. 9 AM isn’t in. 🙁 #
  • Uploading pictures of the Ninth Ward to Flickr. #
  • Yes, @minorjive. Much of the Lower 9th is now a grassy field! #
  • Just saw a guy riding in the street in his wheelchair – that’s how much the sidewalk on Umstead Drive (near us) sucks. #orangepolitics #
  • Waiting @ the so-called Genius Bar again… #apple #
  • Good thing I brought some supplies, I’m in for another long wait. appointments are a joke. #apple #
  • I have a love/hate relationship w/ #opensource software. At #PenguinDay I was feeling the love. With my #MythTV, more of the other thing. #
  • Why are you watching so many movies, @dbarger? Is @arsepoetica sick or out of town? She hasn’t been tweeting much… #
  • Finally did my ballot in the #NetSquared Mashup Challenge. You have 2 more hours to vote! #

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