The plot thickens

The Raw Story has uncovered Secret Service records showing that cub–reporter-by-day/prostitute-by-night Jeff Gannon spent a lot of time hanging around the White House when there were no press conferences.

Everything I know about this story tells me he was sleeping with someone in the West Wing. It’s only ever been a question of who. I hope the American people find out soon.

Guckert made more than 200 appearances at the White House during his two-year tenure with the fledging conservative websites GOPUSA and Talon News, attending 155 of 196 White House press briefings. He had little to no previous journalism experience, previously worked as a male escort, and was refused a congressional press pass.

Perhaps more notable than the frequency of his attendance, however, is several distinct anomalies about his visits.

Guckert made more than two dozen excursions to the White House when there were no scheduled briefings. On many of these days, the Press Office held press gaggles aboard Air Force One—which raises questions about what Guckert was doing at the White House. On other days, the president held photo opportunities.

Via Susie Bright’s Journal.

2 thoughts on “The plot thickens

  1. My mistake. Maureen Dowd was turned down for a *permanent* pass. Gannon only had daily passes. Maureen Dowd could have gotten daily passes if she wanted.

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