“A Voice of the New Media”

Bwa ha ha ha! “Jeff Gannon’s” “blog” is back online. Anyone care to guess what about it makes it a blog? I can’t tell.

There is so much stuff on the web about this, and I already wrote about it last week. But here’s the latest tidbit: it turns out many of Talon News’ stories were plagiarized from the AP wire and Fox News.

Can there be any doubt at this point that someone in the West Wing was (is?) sleeping with Gannon and needed to keep it quiet? How else can you explain the daily press passes for two years to a man with a fake name and no journalistic credentials?

It’s just embarrassing that the media let this story slip through the cracks like so many other important issues. The blogs did the research and found the not-so-elusive facts. Where is the MSM? Asleep at the wheel, apparently.

1 thought on ““A Voice of the New Media”

  1. This guy is a major scumbag. The only view more disgusting than his being in the White House press room is the vision of him kneeling under the lecturn. Perhaps Dubyah is more interesting than we’d thought?

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