Right-wingers caught with their pants down

I’m sorry I don’t have much time to write about this, but hopefully you have been following Gannon Gate, in which the White House issued a press pass daily for two years to a man using a pseudonym who couldn’t get credentialed at the capitol. A small amount of distributed Internet research revealed that in addition to the right-wing Talon News, he was also a associated with some gay/military escort services (ie: prostitution).

Now you know lefties like me don’t really care that much what people do in their private lives, who they sleep with, etc. However, Mr. Bush got elected on a platform of keeping those perverts under lock and key. So why are they cuddling up so close to this so-called “Jeff Gannon” (his pseudonym for both reporting and escorting)?

My brilliant friend John Aravosis, has been tracking this story – and creating it – on AmericaBlog.org. Now he brings you BREAKING new information about a man called Jeff. Even more stunning than the incredible fact that this guy paid a web company to build his pornographic website, is this: about 120 seconds after I left a comment commending John for his research, I got a PHONE CALL from someone falsely claiming to represent John at AmericaBlog.org asking me to please refrain from commenting as I was “inappropriate” and then hanging up. So I called John immediately to let him know and confirm my suspicion that this was coming from “the opposition” (whoever the hell that is). The call clearly did not come from John. These right-wing losers looked me up (I always post with my full name) and called me at work to intimidate me!!! They are SO AFRAID. I can’t help but quote their dear leader and say “bring it on.”

Please go right now to AmericaBlog if you want to learn more and then take action to demand a special prosecutor to investigate this obvious example of corruption at the White House.

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