Rumseld finally fired, when will the war end?

Better four years late then never. GOP officials: Rumsfeld stepping down –

Read Stan Goff, et al on why this sick, disgusting, malicious, deathly, and debilitating war must stop now. Yesterday Stan ran a one-man progressive canvass talking to voters in his North Raleigh precinct:

I printed 650 flyers that began with the statements: “I am not a liberal. I am not a Democrat. And I urge you to vote a straight Democratic ticket here today,” then went on to explain why — emphasizing my status as a retired member of the US Armed Forces…

Note to the Democratic party: We now have you firmly in our sights, exposed. Ain’t gonna be no honeymoon. We’re not hearing that you need time. Not with the bodies piling up every day.
Feral Scholar » Honeymoon? Ha!

Way to stay the course, Bush.

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