One of way-more-than-50

Well, dang! This weekend I found out via a tweet from Nancy Shoemaker that I was included in a list of 50 Women Bloggers You Should Be Reading, by Olivia Hayes of Ignite Social Media (a social media marketing company based in NC).

These kinds of lists are fraught with issues, and there’s always someone who can’t believe you didn’t include so-and-so (and maybe they’re right) but it’s good to try anyway. I’m completely honored to be mentioned, and I’ll take it as the kick in the pants I’ve been needing to post here on lotusmedia more often (or at least cross-post).

You can read the whole list at Now if someone was feeling really geeky they’d make an OPML list of the RSS feeds of all the blogs so you could add them to an aggregator in one swell foop, or at least read them all in one place. I guess that’s a project for another day.

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