How not to do online marketing

I just received the following through one of my web-based contact forms:

Hi Ruby!

I’m with Tidal Labs, and we’re repping Neutrogena to give away a thousand UltraSheer Liquid Suncreen samples to bloggers and influencers across social media for review. I enjoyed your blog, Lotus Media, and since you seem to savvy in social media, with an eye towards saving, I thought this might be a fun opportunity for you and your readers.

If you’re interested (and the $30 product would be useful) we’d love for you to be a reviewer. You’ll just have to try out the product and let us know what you think through posts on your blog, twitter, facebook, etc. (photo or video preferred!). You can signup here:

Whether you’d like to review or not, we’re always looking for people to help out. So, if you’re willing, we’d love for you to send around the link to people you think might be interested in taking the signup test or post it to your blog as a nice reader incentive.

We’re looking for people who meet the following criteria:

Age 25-49 with 300+ Facebook friends & 25+ Twitter followers
Doesn’t spend time tanning (in a salon or out in the sun)
So if you’re interested, take the test. Let me know if I can answer any questions or give you links to graphics you can use and such. If this campaign isn’t a fit, but you’d like to continue to be informed about other campaigns we’re doing (fashion, beauty, music, etc), let me know. There’ll always be something in it for you.


Tidal Labs –


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