Move over, Gray Lady

Based on a variety of factors, including the Times’ new paywall and Judith Miller, Jay Rosen (of the brilliant and long-winded PressThink) recently wrote:

The New York Times is not any longer–in my mind–the greatest newspaper in the land. Nor is it the base line for the public narrative that it once was. Some time in the last year or so I moved the Washington Post into that position.

[screenshot] On the one hand, it’s a bit of an overstatement. On the other hand, saying it can make it true – or start to anyway. One of the things that’s making me want to read the Post more lately is the integration of blogs into every story. They use Technorati (the authoritative – and broken – source for blog tracking) to automatically pull a list of blogs referencing the story and display them on the WaPo web site. Way to support the conversation, y’all!

1 thought on “Move over, Gray Lady

  1. Me too! The editors must need another house in the Hamptons — there are pop-ups everywhere and the new Times Select money-grab tries to get readers to pay for previously free articles and editorials. The Washington Post is just as informative and as well written, and much friendlier.

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