Help for Pakistan

This just in from an activist friend of Indian heritage:

Hey, friends.

A terribly tragic earthquake has occurred in the Hindu Kush mountains. Jonathan said the impact was felt from Islamabad to Delhi… send prayers…

Here are the best sources i’ve found for information on sending material support. Please forward this email to other friends.

A great list of the organizations doing relief work on the ground:

South Asia quake help blog:

Islamic Relief:

Brian Tucker’s organization to encourage earthquake resistant building:

An aid drop off point in Islamabad at AMAL (an non-governmental organization: has been set up, the address is as follows:

#7, St.62, G-6/4, Islamabad

Contact person:
Merhunnisa Yusaf
phone: +92300 5002657

Peace, Manju

1 thought on “Help for Pakistan

  1. Save lives by urging media to provide coverage for earthquake in South Asia

    This petition is to urge the major media outlets around the world to provide coverage for the earthquake in South Asia. With 3 million homeless and more than 75,000 injured in hard-to-reach area, this is the biggest relief operation the modern world has ever seen but has been completely ignored in the media. With a harsh winter approaching, time is running out for the survivors. The media must play its role by providing extensive coverage of this tragedy.

    Thank you!

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