Playing with Ning

So I am now the lucky owner of a developer account at Ning! This is supposedly a platform for creation of all kinds of social networking tools. Sounds interesting but so far all of the sites I’ve seen at are variations on Hot or Not.

With Ning…You Can Create

For any City – Your own take on Craigslist®
For any Passion – Your own take on Match®
For any Interest – Your own take on Zagat®
For any Event – Your own take on FlickrTM
For any School – Your own take on FacebookTM
For any Topic – Your own take on del.icio.usTM
For any Mammal – Your own take on Hot or Not

Any suggestions for what I should do? I’m thinking about trying to make something that will connect to What should I call it? and both seem to be available…

1 thought on “Playing with Ning

  1. Ruby, I’ve been wanting to find the time to figure out Ning and try to use it to build a cross platform tag search engine (like with the ability for users to flag tagged items as spam and to use a slider to set the standard for how many times something has to be flagged before it doesn’t appear in your search results. Probably too much to ask of both Ning and my limited technical skills, but I thought it might be of interest. Good luck with Ning!

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