Meditation on nonattachment

Thanks so much to the folks who have sent the kind e-mails and nice words of condolence. The memorial service was excellent. It was officiated by my grandparents’ neighbor and longtime friend, and members of every generation spoke of what a good man my grandfather was. I appreciated that no-one felt the need to sugarcoat their remarks since there was so much honestly good stuff to say. Generous even in death, my grandfather donated his entire body to scientific research (which is a violation of Jewish tradition, but as was pointed out at the service, he was not an overly religious man).

I really want to thank the DoRightMan, who has provided deep emotional support and comfort to me before during and after the memorial. I also want to thank my hosts and good friends Giles and Suzie, who lost her grandfather on Monday morning. My heart goes out to her and her wonderful family.

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