I think I paid $400 for a roach farm

When Ray from Sawyer Pest Control came to assess our cockroach problem, he told me an interesting story. He said he had recently encountered a similar infestation in a home that was brand new, before the owners had even moved in! Turns out they got cockroach eggs imported in a brand new stove from Lowe’s.

Guess where I just bought a stove 6 weeks ago! 🙁

Ray just finished his work two hours ago and he said there were more roaches in the stove than anyplace else in the house. I asked him to document this on his invoice, and I’ll also take some (disgusting) pictures of this when we get home to clean the massacre up (after the poisons dry).

I’ve googled it, but I can’t find any evidence of a Lowe’s-cockroach outbreak. I’m trying to think of anything else suspicious that came into the house in June or July. Anyone heard of anything like this? Is there anything I can legally do to Lowe’s if I can prove they’re at fault?

2 thoughts on “I think I paid $400 for a roach farm

  1. Sorry to gross you out, Pinky! 😉

    Now that the deed is done, I doubt I have enough evidence for legal action. But I’m relieved to be slowly getting my kitchen back.

    Brian and I decided last night that what we now have in the aftermath of extermination is zombie roaches – the walking dead. The few that are left are slowly crawling out of their holes (in search of what, I don’t know) and gradually keeling over. Some lie on their backs twitching.

    There are a few climbing on the ceiling, and today I killed one with a karate chop kick as it was walking up a door. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, as they say. Not fun, but a definite improvement.

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