2 thoughts on “Preparing for a garlic feast

  1. Aah, the stinking rose. I went to my first conference in San Francisco, back in … 93, or 94, something like that. I walked the city for a week, and one day came across the STinking Rose. I seem to remember having a personal pizza of some sort. But, why will I always remember the Stinking Rose?

    Well, they were giving away their old menus. The menus had a big house with vampires and all kinds of cool things drawn on it. So, I took one. Went back to my room, stuffed it in the outer pocket of my suitcase, and went off to the afternoon sessions. Immediately afterwards, I went out with the local crew that was in town, then to a Reverend Horton Heat show with some old friends. Long and short of it, didn’t get home until nearly dawn. At which point, I was assaulted by the smell of …. garlic. Everything I had brought with me smelled like garlic, including my suitcase. Needless to say I was “aromatic” for the remainder of the conference and the flight home.

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